The Thesaurus of Modern Slovene provides a number of different ways to include the user community in the database construction process. The activities supported by the platform include entry evaluation, direct addition of new suggestions, public debate on existing solutions and automatic import of existing synonym materials into the thesaurus.

Evaluation of existing entries

The data in individual thesaurus entries can be rated as good or poor. During updates, these ratings will be taken into account in order to re-arrange or remove data accordingly. The same approach can be applied to user-added synonyms and allows the community to evaluate whether newly added suggestions are valid and useful.

Addition of new synonyms

Each entry includes a section for user-added synonyms. Synonyms suggested by the users are displayed in the entry immediately after submission. In case the user possesses a larger quantity of language material to be included in the thesaurus, it can be imported automatically (the contact for such cases is

Discussion of existing solutions

Discussion takes place in a public Facebook group, where users can share links to individual entries, ask questions on dictionary data or related language problems, suggest improvements, etc. User opinions will be taken into account when preparing thesaurus updates. Questions and comments can also be addressed to

Systematic collection of empirical data

The Centre for Language Resources and Technologies (CJVT) of the University of Ljubljana is the first Slovene research institution to systematically collect empirical data on the habits, wishes and needs of the users of language reference works and tools. The results of earlier studies have already been implemented in the interface design, while feedback obtained from future evaluations will be used to further improve the Thesaurus of Modern Slovene and other language resources made by CJVT.

If you wish to contribute to the development of language resources as part of a dedicated evaluation group, you can contact or subscribe to our Newsletter.

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